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First Fridays


A monthly forum usually held on the first Friday of every month. Speakers present on topics of importance to Lexington residents.

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Friday, December 5, 2014
9:15 AM
Community Meeting Room
Cary Memorial Library
1874 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA
The Digital Age Community Bulletin Board. Lexington is a town of engaged citizens who want to be "in the know". The technology of our digital age makes rapid dissemination of information possible as it never was before, but the existence of so many information pathways also complicates the process in unexpected ways. Towns must now grapple with multiple options for data sharing among departments, critical updates in emergencies, and general information distribution to voters and citizens on a day to day basis. It's complicated!

Lexington is responding to the all of this with the creation of a new Information Services Division, headed up by our long time Town Clerk, Donna Hooper. In her new position as Chief Information Officer, Ms. Hooper will oversee the operations of the Town Clerk's Office, the town's Information Technology Division (hardware, software and networks) and the town's Information Services, including our Webmaster and information project managers.

Please join us as we welcome Donna Hooper to explain the town's new approach to information services. She will introduce our new Town Clerk and give us an overview of Lexington's operations in the digital age.

This is the third in our series serving to promote awareness and understanding of public policy issues. Coffee will be available at 9:15 a.m. Presentations begin at 9:30. Questions are sure to follow.

For more information or to carpool, contact the League of Women Voters of Lexington at All League forums are free and open to the public.